Ambassadors In Action

Ambassadors In Action maintains the tradition of the LGBTQ+ community to build from historic election victories into sweeping change across the country.

By electing pro-Equality leaders and lawmakers, HRC supporters set the stage for progress. Now is the time to ensure that important LGBTQ+ priorities move forward as well as protect the progress that has been achieved.

Ambassadors pledge to support HRC's important work through several important methods:

  • ​Fundraising: Ambassadors can set a fundraising goal to support critical legislative work. By ensuring that recently elected political leaders are informed about imperative LGBTQ+ priorities, HRC can improve the lives of all people.

  • Awareness: Ambassadors spread the word about HRC through a myriad of promotional methods: social media, email marketing, direct SMS to family and friends, and more!

  • Team Building & Recruitment: Ambassadors aren't in this alone! Recruiting other like-minded supporters of equality is critical to the success of HRC. Join your local HRC Steering Committee or create a team of friends, family or colleagues to spread the mission of HRC together.

Ambassador Recognition Program

HRC is indebted to the leadership of our Ambassadors. We will recognize ​Ambassadors on the public leaderboards and provide extra special recognition at the following levels:

Titanium​ - $10,000 raised

Platinum - $5,000 raised

Gold - $2,500 raised

Silver - $1,000 raised

Bronze - $500 raised

Stay tuned! HRC will be launching additional ways to be recognized and special contests based on fundraising, awareness building and recruitment over the next few weeks!​